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Prenatal Chiropractor

Brad Gorski, D.C. -  - Chiropractor

Brad Gorski, D.C.

Chiropractor located in Charleston, SC. Including the communities of West Ashley, Johns Island and James Island.

Pregnancy, although a joyful experience, puts your body through many changes such as back pain, with about 50% of pregnant women experiencing back pain before giving birth. To help ease you through your pregnancy, Brad Gorski, DC, of Elite Family Chiropractic offers prenatal chiropractic care for women in Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. Discover how safe, gentle, hands-on adjustments can relieve your back pain and reduce stress on your body during pregnancy. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today to get started.



Prenatal Chiropractor Q & A

Why do I need a prenatal chiropractor?

Your whole body undergoes significant physical changes when you’re pregnant, and your pregnancy begins to affect your spine most obviously in your second trimester. As your baby grows, your belly protrudes forward and your pelvis shifts to prepare for delivery. A protruding belly often causes you to lean backward when you walk or stand in an attempt to counterbalance the extra weight. 

Skilled chiropractors like Dr. Gorski are trained to provide prenatal chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy. As your body changes and you feel pressure on your pelvis, ligaments, and sacroiliac joint (the triangular-shaped bone in the lower part of your spine), regular chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and discomfort. Prenatal chiropractic care can help you have a healthier pregnancy, relieve back, neck, and joint pain, and even help control nausea —  and all natural.

How is prenatal chiropractic care beneficial to my baby?

When your spine is misaligned and your pelvis shifts during pregnancy, it can restrict the amount of space your baby has inside your uterus. Chiropractic adjustments can help keep your spine in alignment and maximize space for your growing baby. 

Another benefit of prenatal chiropractic care for your baby relates to delivery. If your pelvis remains out of alignment in the weeks prior to delivery, it may make it difficult for your baby to move into the optimal position for birth, which is head down, rear-facing. Regular chiropractic adjustments can make it easier for your baby to move into position. 

Other evidence suggests that regular prenatal chiropractic adjustments can contribute to shorter labor and easier delivery.


How safe is prenatal chiropractic care?

As a prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Gorski recommends chiropractic care for women at every stage of pregnancy. It’s a safe, noninvasive way to manage a variety of musculoskeletal conditions that arise during pregnancy. There’s no medication involved, either, which is ideal for you and your baby.

Dr. Gorski gently adjusts your spine, hip joints, and other joints that may hurt from carrying extra baby weight. He may also recommend exercises that are safe to do while you’re pregnant. The only time prenatal chiropractor visits may not be useful is if you’re already experiencing vaginal bleeding, placenta previa, or an ectopic pregnancy. 

To learn more about prenatal chiropractic care for you and your baby, call the friendly office staff at Elite Family Chiropractic or book an appointment online today.