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Dr. Brad Gorski practices chiropractic and holistic care that relieves knee pain through massage, mobilization, and exercise therapies customized to each individual patient. Contact Elite Family Chiropractic in Charleston, South Carolina when you experience knee pain. Dr. Gorski will help find the cause and develop a treatment plan to prevent future knee problems.

Knee Pain Q & A

What type of knee pain does Dr. Gorski treat?

Knee pain commonly arises from a variety of injuries — strains, sprains, meniscal injuries, and knee dislocations — all of which can be treated by a chiropractor. However, if Dr. Gorski’s comprehensive exam and X-rays reveal a medical problem, like a torn meniscus that needs surgical repair, he will refer you to a trusted physician, then work with you to rehabilitate the injury. Dr. Gorski helps to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, imbalanced movement, and misalignments in the skeletal system that put extra stress on the knee. If you experience any type of knee pain, don’t hesitate to call Elite Family Chiropractic to schedule a consultation.

What treatments will you receive at Elite Family Chiropractic?

Dr. Gorski performs therapies that target the knee, such as massage to ease tight muscles, or chiropractic mobilization, which relieves pain while improving range of motion and overall knee function. He works with you to develop an individualized exercise regimen to strengthen and rehabilitate your knee. Chiropractic treatment often includes spinal adjustments, even for knee pain. When the spine is out of alignment, it affects all the bones that are attached, from the hip down through the leg. As a result, problems in the spine put extra stress on the knee and cause pain. If your knee pain is due to osteoarthritis, you can count on Dr. Gorski to relieve pain and stiffness with a comprehensive plan including nutrients that support healthy cartilage, and weight loss, if necessary. He’ll also recommend exercise because staying active is essential for reducing knee pain from osteoarthritis.

How can you prevent knee pain in the future?

While the first goal is to relieve your knee pain, it’s vital to identify any underlying problems so they can be properly treated to prevent pain in the future. Dr. Gorski screens for repetitive injuries and stress caused by athletic activities, then teaches proper posture and movement to alleviate the problem. Nutritional deficiencies may contribute to weak bones and muscles, so he may order tests that show your nutritional status, then develop a nutrition plan or recommend dietary supplements to restore deficiencies. Being overweight puts tremendous pressure on knees, leading to pain, degeneration, and osteoarthritis. Dr. Gorski’s innovative approach to weight loss — treating hormone imbalances and toxins that block weight loss — may be the treatment you need to ultimately avoid knee pain.