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Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a common problem that affects about 1 in 4 adults. Usually, it’s due to osteoarthritis, but activities like sports, gardening, and physically demanding work can also contribute to knee pain. At Elite Family Chiropractic in Charleston, South Carolina, Brad Gorski, DC, uses safe and effective treatments to help teenage and adult patients manage their knee pain. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gorski, call Elite Family Chiropractic today. 

Knee Pain Q&A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain is often the result of a mechanical problem after years of wear and tear, osteoarthritis, or an injury. Knee problems usually occur during sports activities or work-related tasks, and like any other joint in your body, overuse can lead to strain and acute or chronic pain.

Injury-related knee pain can affect your ligaments, tendons, and the fluid around your knee joint. You may also hurt the bones and cartilage surrounding your knee. Some of the most common forms of knee injuries include:

  • Ligament injuries 
  • Fractures 
  • Torn meniscus (cartilage) 
  • Tendinitis

In addition to injuries, knee pain may also be the result of a change in your gait because of lower back or hip pain. Many times, when you experience pain in one part of your spine, you adjust the way you walk to help alleviate that pain. In doing so, you may put more stress on your knee joints.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) can cause severe, chronic knee pain. OA is a degenerative form of arthritis, and it is common in older adults. Over time, the cartilage that cushions the knee bone deteriorates. Once the cartilage breaks down, you experience pain from the bones rubbing together, which also leads to stiffness and loss of mobility in your knee joint.

It’s important to have your knee pain evaluated before it becomes debilitating to increase your chances of healing your knee and relieving pain as naturally as possible without invasive surgeries. 

How is knee pain diagnosed?

At Elite Family Chiropractic, Dr. Gorski diagnoses knee pain by reviewing your medical history, observing your symptoms and lifestyle, and conducting a comprehensive physical exam. During your physical, Dr. Gorski evaluates the structures of your knee, tests your knee’s range of motion, and inspects your knee for swelling or visible bruising.

If a physical observation isn’t enough to make a diagnosis, Dr. Gorski may order an ultrasound, MRI, or digital X-rays to get a better look at the bones, joints, and soft-tissue structures in your knee.

How is knee pain treated?

Knee pain treatments depend on the underlying cause and severity of your symptoms. Usually, Dr. Gorski recommends conservative, holistic measures that compliment your body’s natural healing process. Depending on the cause of your knee pain, Dr. Gorski might recommend:

  • Knee support using braces or crutches
  • Class 4 laser therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Decompression therapy
  • Rehabilitation exercises

If you suffer from knee pain, you may also benefit from exercise modifications or chiropractic adjustments. Ultimately, your chiropractic treatment plan aims to ease your pain, improve your mobility, and restore your quality of life.

Don’t let knee pain get in your way. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gorski today.