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Meet the Team


At Elite Family Chiropractic we realize that you’re a person, not a procedure!

Red tape shouldn’t get in the way of healing. Our staff helps with healthcare forms, navigating insurance requirements, and getting you in as soon as possible. 


At Elite we make 5 promises to every patient:

1. We'll treat you the way we treat our own family.

2. We will work to find the root cause of your issues to help you regain your life and health. 

3. We believe in a many-minded approach to health care. We will collaborate with physical therapy, pain management, orthopedic and neurosurgeons, primary care providers, and anyone else who can help us help you. 

4. If we can not offer the help that you need, we will get you to a doctor who can.

5. Finally, we promise not to merely mask your symptoms or one-size-fits-all procedures. We will work to create a custom plan unique to your individual needs.