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Meet the Team


At Elite Family Chiropractic, we recognize that you are unique, not just another procedure on the list!


We understand that insurance hurdles shouldn't obstruct your path to recovery. Our dedicated team is here to assist with paperwork, guiding you through the maze of insurance, and ensure you can focus on healing.

At Elite our dedication to providing outstanding care is deeply rooted in 5 core values:

1. Family-First Approach: Every patient is treated with the same care and respect we would extend to our own family.

2. Root Cause Analysis: We dedicate ourselves to identifying the underlying cause of your health issues, empowering you to reclaim your life and health.

3.Collaborative Healthcare: Embracing a multi-disciplinary approach we work alongside specialists in physical therapy, pain management, orthopedics, neurosurgery, primary care, and other experts to ensure comprehensive care.

4. Referral Promise: If our expertise doesn't align with your needs, we'll connect you with a doctor who can provide the appropriate care.

5. Personalized Treatment: We reject the notion of generic treatments. Instead we craft a tailored care plan to address your unique needs without merely masking symptoms.