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Personal Injury suffers in Charleston, SC can now find help for their injuries sustained in auto accidents at Elite Family Chiropractic: Brad Gorski, DC. Personal injury cases can be life-altering and can result in debilitating and chronic pain in the absence of effective treatment. Schedule a free consultation online or by phone today, to learn if our comprehensive approach is a good fit for your case.

Personal Injury Q & A

What is the Definition of a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is a type of injury that results from an accident that was not the fault of the individual who has been hurt. The area in which this term is most often used are legal cases, where a personal injury victim seeks compensation for the pain and suffering experienced as a result of the incident. Oftentimes, the injuries sustained in these types of cases are life-altering, and can result in debilitating and chronic pain in the absence of effective treatment.

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Personal Injury?

Personal injuries can happen any where at any time. These injuries most commonly occur as a result of the following incidents:

    • Any kind of traffic collision (e.g. accidents involving cars, pedestrians, bicycles, etc.)
    • Slipping and falling
    • Workplace accidents

What Types of Pain and Injuries are Most Often Experienced as a Result of a Personal Injury?

Although there are some injuries that can be treated as a result of the initial treatment at the hospital, there are many others that can turn into lifelong problems. Some of the more common issues that need a long-term care plan include the following:


    • Neck injuries
    • Whiplash injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Injuries to the joints
    • Hip injuries
    • Herniated Discs
    • Pinched Nerve/Nerve Damage

Why Seek Chiropractic Care for Your Injury?

When an individual experiences a personal injury, the initial trauma is often severe enough to require hospitalization, physical therapy, crutches, and/or casts. Another common component of conventional treatment is medication. Unfortunately, when pain from an injury becomes chronic, so can the usage of habit-forming pain relievers.

While the initial treatment for an injury is effective and necessary, there are often limited options provided for safe, long-term healing and recovery of damage sustained to the spine, nerves and soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and nerves).

One of the most safe and effective ways to treat injuries and prevent long term/chronic issues after a personal injury is through chiropractic treatment protocol that could include: cervical traction, physical therapies, adjustments and neuromuscular reeducation. All these treatments and therapy could help resolve, improve spinal damage and pain caused from the injury. 

After receiving a thorough assessment, a treatment plan that will address your specific needs would be created.

Will Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Injury?

Personal injuries can lead to a myriad of chronic pain issues. Sometimes these issues present themselves right away, and sometimes it may takes weeks or even months to learn that there is a problem. The best way to learn more about how chiropractic care can help treat your specific problems is by scheduling a free consultation with us. When you have Dr. Gorski assess your injuries, as well as the level of pain you are experiencing, you will be able to find out how much relief can be expected from your treatment protocol.

Call now to book your free personal injury consultation with Elite Family Chiropractic and Dr. Gorski.